My First Blog

My name is Nikita, I’m 25 & I live in essex. I’m a girlfriend & a mum.

This is my first blog, question is why start now? After recent events I needed to find something that would help me to cope & somehow I always find myself writing down my feelings, I suppose it’s always been my own way of dealing with things, so this time I wanted to combine that along with providing support to other people who have similar stories to me, hence the start of this blog.

So here I am, A mum to my beautiful boy Leo & I recently became a mum to 2 angel babies. One unfortunately We never got to meet as he/she was taken from us so quickly & another called Jake.

The loss of a baby is something that no one ever really talks about, and up until now I always thought I knew why, it’s private and personal and believe me I’m a very private person I don’t like people knowing my business, but I want to share my stories to 1) help others that have to go through such pain. 2) to help the people who don’t know how to handle it when it happens to others. And 3) hopefully make it ok to be able to talk our babies that aren’t with us anymore.

So here it goes..